Composites Machining / Aims and Scope

Composites machining aims to publish original scientific and technical papers and review articles on topics related to traditional and nontraditional machining processes performed on composite materials (polymers, metals, and ceramics). There is no restriction on the length of papers. The full experimental details must be provided so that the results can be reproduced.

The journal scope includes the following areas, although research in related fields may also be considered.

  • Machining processes

  • Machining performance

  • Mechanics of cutting, chip formation

  • Cutting forces, cutting temperatures

  • Cutting tool material, coatings, tool wear

  • Surface finish, integrity of surfaces

  • Tribology

  • Hard turning, minimal lubrication; high-speed machining

  • Nontraditional machining processes: laser, EDM, ECM, USM, water jet cutting

  • Precision machining, micro/nano machining

  • Vibration/acoustic emission techniques

  • Machinability of composite materials

  • Design of experiments: Taguchi methods, response surface methodology, etc.

  • Machining simulation: FEM models, etc.

  • Optimization: genetic algorithms, neural networks, etc.

  • Predictive models for machining performance and optimization, including machining dynamics